NEW @ Phi

Sephia Ellison of Phi continues to improve her craft, branching out from her immaculate and detailed furniture, into warm, thoughtfully created homes, like her most recent release. It’s an adorabley cozy house, covered in crawling ivy with a sort of vintage or craftsman feel. It comes complete with a front porch, beautiful windows, and a closet large enough to shove your whole inv into.  It’s available now at her ALBERO location. Pics and LM below.

138 prims without fireplace
169 prims with fireplace

Comes with vines, sunbeams, bedroom closet, shelves below windows in bedroom and fireplace.

Copy / Mod, 500L

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ALBERO Home & Garden

More newness for Albero & Cioccolata! A Home & Garden area! Devoted only to things for your Sl home needs, how great is that! Wait until you see the list of designers already set up to open on the 13th!

This Saturday, February 13th will be the grand opening of ALBERO Home & Garden.  This is a brand new mall right next to the cioccolata mall.  It will feature 23 stores offering home, garden and decor items – things like houses, skyboxes, trees, plants, lamps & art.  All hand-picked, high quality merchants with some of the best home & garden items available.

The shops include:

Artilleri Home
The Loft
True Love Never Die
Blah to Wah
Turnip’s Homes & Stuff
Penny Dreadful Arcade (yardsale)
Molto Bene!

…and more!

With home-ware and interior decorating becoming more and more popular in SL, this is sure to be a fun and successful next step for ALBERO & Cioccolata.  I hope you will come take a look at our new shopping destination.  I think you’ll like it. This area will have their own separate blog as well, so add the address to your feed!

Thank you,
The ALBERO & Cioccolata Team


ALSO Don’t forget the ALBERO winter sweethearts festival is still on until the 28th of Feb!