ALBERO Kawaii Hunt Prizes! Round 1..

Join inworld group ALBERO + Cioccolata Kawaii Troupe for more info, or start HERE on March 19th!


Winter Fest time in ALBERO

Have you done all your Christmas shopping yet?  Got all those gifts?  Just a week left til Christmas by my calendar.  Yikes! 

The ALBERO Winter Festival runs until December 25th.  As usual there are wagons out here and there all over Albero and in front of stores as well.  And there are absolute bundles of goodies to buy that are TRANS OK!  Perfect for all those gifts for friends and loved ones and even those Secret Santas…a few of those I need to be getting ^^   Here just a taste of all that`s around.



From Fairy Tail

The Snow Ball series.   Beautifully pastel pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings. Sold individually or as a fat pack, these are colour change with six colours to choose from.  All no copy/mod, trans ok (modifiable via script).


Fairy Tail – Snowball

And perfect for Wintery occasions,  Queen of the Ice.   The necklace and earrings are sold separately or as a set, with both Gems and fixtures colour change.  This set is also no copy/mod, trans ok!  (modifiable via script)

Fairy Tail – Queen of the Ice 

 TP to Fairy Tail Wagon @ Winter Fest Albero


 From *BOOM*


 You don`t have a sweater dress until you have a Call Me Baby Christmas Argyle Albero Edition Sweater dress from *BOOM*.  They come in some really yummy colours.  I limited myself to festive Cranberry  and the wintery Smoke but I`m going back for Sugar (pink) and  Hot Chocolate because they both look and sound delish.  These Albero editions are sold no copy, mod/trans OK.   AND there is even a gift box included for you to box up your gift in!


*BOOM* – Call Me Baby Christmas Argyle Albero Edition (smokey & cranberry)


 TP to *BOOM* wagon in ALBERO

***Please note that not all the Winter Fest Fare is trans ok.  Please be sure to double-check when making a purchase 🙂






Stitch By Stitch CoCo Dress

Hey guys! Just a quickie I wanted to show you now available at ALBERO. Sevenstar Amat of Stitch By Stitch is a friend of mine, I adore not only her but her designs. I am always surprised by what this girl shows me next. She is the definition of multi talented! She has made plurk layouts, paintings then used those paintings on inworld designs and for the web. Anyway, I am going to do a spotlight on her one of these days, because her stuff is not the stuff you find everywhere. Sev’s designs are unique yet not to the point of loosing you, just enough to keep you more than interested. She was featured on a show a while back which required her to stay up really late her time. So, guess what she did to keep away? This beautiful dress CoCo, that is now in her ALBERO store. I love this dress, the textures are awesome and you just feel instantly like you are a beautiful doll.

Skin – .::>>CI<<::. Eva Skin – Tan

Hair – Truth

Shoes – Maitreya

Tiny Treasures

Hey guys.  How`s the hunting going?  Got all those boxes yet?

Remember once you have found all your numbered boxes you have til June 22 SLT to get to the main-stores to collect your gift.    A little hint for using the tp points in the lag…Give the map time to load before transporting.  If you don’t land where you think you should have going back and tping once more seems to be working.  😀

ALL except for box 24 are out and the gifts are all there to be had.

For more info on the hunt take a look at Hunt Has Begun  😀

Here are just two of the gifts, two tiny avatars one, Rainy Child from Coruya Creations and one from Anam, khai voodoo avatar.  Both are too cute and tons of fun.

Coyura Cazalet of Coruya Creations creates the most kawaii little guys an gals.  Whimsical with a little cheeky thrown in.  Too cute.

  Anam has another cute little guy as a gift hunt.  Khai Tribal Voodoo normally sells for over 400L. The detail is fantastic and textures shimmer and shine.  Lots of fun.

 ciocco hunt

 ciocco hunt 2


!Photo Contest Last Week!


This is your last week to get your entries in for the Albero Accessory Fair Photo Contest.  Entries Close June 21.  Take a walk down between Cioccolata and the construction site of the new Men`s Mall for a peak at some of the entries received so far.  

Grand Prize is L$5000

10 Runners up Prizes of L$500 each

For more details -> ALBERO Accessory Fair Photo Contest


Happy Snapping and Happy Hunting!


!Hunt Has Begun!

Hi All!

Cioccolata`s 1st anniversary Treasure Hunt is now underway!

First, search Cioccolata and find as many of the numbered boxes as you can.  
          `Touch` each box to receive a note card containing a keyword.
Next,  TP to each of the *MAIN STORES* of the participating vendors using the Teleporters provided.
            At the main store simply search for a numbered box, like those you found in Cioccolata.
           Grab your keywords, stand within chat range and say the box number and corresponding key word in general chat
            eg.  `/05  keyword`
            You will then be sent the gift for that box.

There are 29 boxes in all….however boxes 22, 24 and 29 are not yet ready…apologies for that and we`ll let you know as soon as they are ready.

This is what you are looking for

Box shot


Here`s a look at the tp points to the main stores. 

TP shot

Remember, it is a hunt so you may actually have to *hunt* for the boxes.  Good luck and most of all have fun and enjoy Cioccolata!

TP to Cioccolata





HUNT! – Cioccolata 1st Anniversary Hunt


Cioccolata is 1 year old this month!  And to celebrate we are holding a Treasure Hunt!  Yay!



Everyone loves hunts, but ALBERO and Cioccolata hunts are a little different to your average hunt.  This hunt will take you all over Cioccolata and also give you the chance to check out the main stores of some of our fabulous Cioccolata vendors. 

The hunt will run from June 13 til June 21st.  

Here`s the list of participating creators and stores.

random kitten
109prims circus
spoonful of sugar
Hat Mechanic
Down Down Down
forest feast
Anzu An
Matsu No Ki
Bisketz Holid4y
on the Raven’sNest
TRESOR Kowloon
Aina’s Shop                         
Doo Dads

How the hunt works

 The hunt consists of two parts.
First, search Cioccolata and find as many numbered boxes as you can.  
          `Touch` each box to receive a note card containing a keyword.
Next,  TP to each of the *MAIN STORES* of the participating vendors using the Teleporters provided.
            At the main store simply search for a numbered box, like those you found in Cioccolata.
           Grab your keywords, stand within chat range and say the box number and corresponding keyword in general chat
            eg.  `/05 keyword`
            You will then be sent the gift for that box.

Keep checking the back for updates on the hunt and a look at all the goodies and gifts you`ll be searching for!







~~Albero Accessory Fair~~

Hello all! 

Definately warming up in my part of the world.  Time to peel off the layers and show off a little more skin and perhaps a hat, a necklace or anklet? A cute little toe ring to complement those new summer sandals?   Whichever it be you`ll be sure to find something simply wonderful to adorn yourself with at the Albero Accessory Fair.


Happening right now in ALBERO, The ALBERO Accessory Fair

Acc Fair


Hats, shoes, jewellery, fun and quirky attachments…you name it..if you can wear it ..its there ^^

A long list of designers and creators from Albero, Cioccolata and some guest vendors have gathered up on the top terraces to bring you the newest and freshest accessories for the season.  

The list of participating vendors includes :

 Manna              Gbberish                     Cube Sugar

NC                      Periquita                     NODe

DooDads             Miel                          KuNstkaMMer

silverK             Stich by Stich         Ultra Kitty

HANUTA             plus                           si*na

Twinkleberry             Kotolier              R✿2 

D                   Bliensen                         Fairy Tail


Swallowtail            U&R               Spoonful of Sugar


BLITZED                    D-Lab                  Kohime

mocorin                   elDee             WILD O

ICoN                        MEZZO                   Acid & Mala

Split Pea            Candy Nail                  Gisele



Wow! What a list.    Some fantastic new products, some exclusive to Albero pieces and many more gorgeous and inspired creations. 

The fair runs from May23rd til Jun 23rd

THIS  will get you take you right to the top terrace.  Take your time wandering about the cute little rows of stalls and grab up some fantastic accessories. 

Keep checking back for a look at what you`ll find at the ALBERO Accessory Fair `09






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