ALBERO Autumn Gatcha Festival!

ALBERO Gatcha Festival opens on Wednesday!

55+ gatcha machines full of quality items (many exclusives!) from ALBERO+cioccolata merchants and guests.  So much fun and so addicting!  The first day of each series will be a special preview for the members of the ALBERO + Cioccolata Kawaii Troupe inworld group, so please join the group if you would like to access the festival before everyone else!

Autumn Gatcha Festival Series 1: October 20 – November 3
Group-Only access: October 20

Autumn Gatcha Festival Series 2: November 10 – November 24
Group-Only access: November 10


Join the ALBERO + Cioccolata Kawaii Troupe inworld group to get the first look. The event will be group-only on Wednesday, 10/20, open to the public on Thursday, 10/21!

Gatcha Festival @ ALBERO Event Park SLURL


Final Gatcha and D-Lab Monkeys!

The Cioccolata Gatcha Gatcha Festival also ends tonight! To wind things up, I’m showcasing the marvelous things D-Lab has had in the machines, and also a new release in the D-Lab store proper! You still have a few hours to rush over to Cioccolata and grab these adorable gatcha finds, so… read then run!

In the first machine: monsters! There are six total (fellow blogger Mako already showcased these), but this little pumpkin head monster was my favorite and I couldn’t do a post without including him! Isn’t he adorable?
D-Lab Gatcha Monsters

In the second machine: animal flying saucers! These really are just insanely cute and cool — it was a lot of fun to see people delighting in these throughout the Gatcha Festival. The main lineup of D-Lab animals is there: hamster, sheep, cat, pig, and more!
D-Lab Gatcha Flying Saucers

In the third machine: animal airplanes! The details on all Dazai Voom’s D-Lab creations are so wonderful — simple but bursting with personality! Just look at these little flying aces!
D-Lab Gatcha Airplane

And big news! D-Lab has a new monkey release! Take home a charmingly goofy monkey to sit beside you for company, or wear your new friend on your head. There is even a flying monkey — like other D-Lab animals, the flying version comes with poop options. Watch your head!
D-Lab Monkeys

Finally, after playing with all these animals, you’re bound to need a bit of cleanup — head to the Mocha gatcha and grab their Bath & Bodycare Gatcha prizes.
Mocha Bath & Bodycare Gatcha

The Cioccolata Gatcha Gatcha Festival ends tonight, October 31st!

Visit the Cioccolata Gatcha Gatcha Festival [SLurl]

D-Lab Gatcha Prizes – Monsters, Flying Saucers & Airplanes (20L per play)
Mocha Gatcha Prizes – Bath & Bodycare items (10L per play)

All hair by Clawtooth by Clawtooth. Skin and glasses by &Bean. Sweater and socks by Pig. Tee by Mr Tentacle. Skirt by Miel. Shorts by Twosome. Shoes by Magi Take. Armchair from the Sea Hole. Wearable towel by the LOLO.

Last Chance for Gatcha!

Mako here, getting in with a big last minute post to showcase the final round of my Gatcha Gatcha Fair finds. The fair runs through the 31st, so get over there while you can and hit those machines up for lots of fun stuff!

Isruel has an awesome old-school Nintendo-style video game HUD for 20L in their machine. Click the HUD to rez the brick box, then jump to knock the bricks… just like Mario.
VG Bricks HUD

Outside the Tresor Kowloon store, you’ll find a gatcha machine that dispenses a variety of mouth grenades for just 10L. The sign cautions: “Don’t Eat the ATRocket”… The same sign also says: Explode OK!
Tresor Kowloon Exploding Mouth Grenades

Meriken Co. has a gatcha machine full of sweaters — these are some of the few wearables for men at the Gatcha Fair, so I wanted to give them a shoutout. 55L gatcha play gets you a sweater in both male and female versions, and there are several styles available.
Meriken Sweaters

Cache-Cache was hands down my favorite gatcha for Halloween themed items. There are 14 items total in this gatcha, and it’s not too late to get over there if you need a toy or costume for a Halloween event. Here’s there gatcha ad, you can see the variety of items available (ghost avatars, flying brooms, wands, witch wearables and more). All for just 30L per play.
Cache-Cache Gatcha AD

The Cache-Cache closets can be used year round and come with poses built in. They’re low-prim and come in several colors, and are a nice find.
Cache-Cache Closets

The Cache-Cache Witch Broom is amazing. It spouts stars and sparkles and looks fantastic. And the lovely Rach is sitting on her broom wearing the Cache-Cache Witch Dress. All these items are in the Cache-Cache gatcha for 30L each.
Cache-Cache Witch Broom and Witch Dress

A gatcha stop that deserves another mention is Split Pea. I showcased the funky handdrawn space glasses in my last post. Here’s a look at more items in the machine, from wearable wheat to flower pots to cowboy hats. These items are all just 10L.
Split Pea Gatcha

Random Kitten added another gatcha machine at some point along the way (there are three total, and I’ve showcased each one — the ridable moons and the garbage carts are in the other two machines). Now, for just 20L per play, you can snag yourself some excellent crazy cocktails. My favorite is the Purple Haze. It literally knocks you out, so consume with caution.
Random Kitten Cocktails

Remember, the Gatcha Gatcha Fair ends October 31st, so get over here while you can!

Cioccolata Gatcha Gatcha Fair:

Have fun,
Cioccolata Gatcha Fair

Rebel Xtravaganza Gatcha!

Rebel Xtravaganza has a great stop at the Cioccolata Gatcha Gatcha Festival — designer Rouge Darcy’s gatcha machine is full of adorable Kokeshi dolls that are a total steal at just 10L each!

Kokeshi are traditional Japanese wooden dolls, and Rebel Xtravaganza’s come in a fabulous array of colors and styles. There are 33 dolls total, wearing kimono in a beautiful selection of colors and patterns.

Rebel Xtravaganza's Gatcha Offerings

The decorative standing dolls have such personality and look great around the house!

Standing Kokeshi Dolls

Standing Kokeshi Dolls

There are even kokeshi necklaces in the gatcha — they hang traditionally but I’ve been enjoying wearing them backwards as an occasional twist. You could easily make a shoulder kokeshi out of the small size, too!

Rebel X Kokeshi Necklaces

Visit the Rebel Xtravaganza gatcha machine [SLurl]

Rebel Xtravaganza Kokeshi Dolls (10L gatcha play)

(SLurls provided for ALBERO locations, if applicable)
Hair by Pididdle, skin by Rockberry, dress by Scribble

More Gatcha!

Mako here! Been a while, so I have lots to show you this week. The Gatcha Gatcha Fair is still going strong in Cioccolata, and there are even some new items in machines. Like these Random Kitten garbage carts (20L each), which are new releases and really fun to pull around — looks like you’re working hard to clean up the sim.
RK Garbage cart

Random Kitten also has these great wearable, rideable Halloween Moons, just 10L each. These are popular, and you usually see someone wearing one around Cioccolata. They’re great for Halloween and come in several different colors and styles. I’m sitting on the rusty version, Rach is posing on the jewel version.
RK Halloween Moons

Fishy Strawberry has some cool colored Fae-ban sunglasses that are 30L each. They’re fun to wear with the blabbits from the nearby rbcg machine. The blabbits come in several different versions, from bubblegum-chewing blabbits to a secret special rare blabbit, and are 20L each.
Fishy Strawberry Fae-Bans and rcbg Blabbits

Fishy Strawberry Fae-Bans and rcbg Blabbits

One of my favorite gatcha scores are these sunglasses from Melatonin Hax of Split Pea. These glasses are awesome and capture the illustrative artist spirit of Cioccolata and hand-drawn creativity in SL — and the machine is just 10L per try. She has hats and other wearables in her machine too, including mouth flowers and wheat-themed items, which I enjoyed.
Split Pea Space Shades

Other favorites are the gatcha Halloween monsters from D-Lab. There are six total, and they’ve taken me over. There are even some animation options for the flying monsters! 20L gets you a piece of this amazing kawaii D-Lab style.
D-Lab Gatcha Monsters

Mocorin has some great headbots called robogurumi, which are just 10L a pop. The grouchy dog (robogurumi moco) is my favorite.
Mocorin Robogurumi

There are quite a lot of glasses at the Gatcha Fair, and December’s No.26 specs are a nice buy at 30L. Designer MandyMandy McMillan’s glasses are usually several hundred lindens, so these are a good deal and a simple, classic style.
December Glasses

Finally, one gatcha machine I really had fun with was at Taklamakan — this machine is in front of the shop, near the fair machines but not out in the middle of the neighborhood like the others. These karururyatu heads come in a bunch of different colors and are lots of fun to wear. And they’re just 10L each, so keep trying until you get the secret rare one.
December Glasses

Much more to come! The Gatcha Gatcha Fair is filled with amazing stuff. Meanwhile, right next door, the Autumn Fair has started in Albero, so be sure to swing by for both events.

Have fun,

Cioccolata Gatcha Gatcha Fair:

ALBERO autumn fair

ALBERO autumn fair

Katat0nik Gatcha Goodies!

Katat0nik has a machine at the Cioccolata Gatcha Gatcha Festival and it is full of adorable kitty candy! Her Kattypop purses are just 15L per play, and there are so many to try for — some of the kitties are even armed and dangerous!

Katat0nik's Kattypop Purses

As with everything Katat0nik, the purses have the signature brightly coated colors and pop texturing of Katat0nik clothes, and so are a fabulous addition to any Katat0nik ensemble. But they also work well with other fashion too — I’m wearing my usual mashup of pieces from all over (including some Katat0nik) and I love how these cute purses look.

Katat0nik's Kattypop Purses

Visit the Katat0nik gatcha machine [SLurl]

Katat0nik Kattypop Purses (15L gatcha play)

(SLurls provided for ALBERO locations, if applicable)
Hair by Katat0nik, skin by Grim Bros, bloody shirt by This Is A Fawn, bodice by Katat0nik, shorts by Twosome

Pididdle at the Gatcha Fair

Pididdle has some lovely things at the Cioccolata Gatcha Gatcha Festival! Stop by designer Brutus Martinek’s gatcha machine to play for jewelry and custom designed tank tops that have a little gatcha drawing on them — very cute. Each try at the machine will cost you 25L.

Pididdle at the Cioccolata Gatcha Gatcha Festival

I wasn’t lucky enough to win a tank, but I won a ton of the hair dangles and rose brooch pins. These are really wonderful accessories that are incredibly versatile, and could be worn with just about anything from old fashioned period clothing to modern trendier outfits. Both pieces come in three colors and you can try your luck to get them all!

Pididdle Rose Broaches

Pididdle Hair Dangles

Next is just a random sampling of some of the fun things I found at the Gatcha Gatcha Festival. I love my blue head from Taklamakan, and the cute pose is from Sugarcube. The little red plant from Nocc. is adorable too, and there are a ton of colors available in the machine. If you haven’t been to the Gatcha Gatcha Festival yet, go now! There is so much to see and enjoy, and the sim is usually full of friends laughing and having fun with their prizes.

Random Gatcha Finds

I want whatever is in this HUGE gatcha!!

Giant Gatcha Machine!

Visit the Pididdle gatcha machine [SLurl]
Visit the Taklamakan gatcha machine [SLurl]
Visit the Sugarcube gatcha machine [SLurl]
Visit the Nocc. gatcha machine [SLurl]

Pididdle Rose Broach – available in three colors (25L gatcha play)
Pididdle Hair Dangle – available in three colors (25L gatcha play)
Taklamakan Kaburuyatu head (10L gatcha play)
Sugarcube mode 15 pose (20L gatcha play)
Nocc. Rakugaki Pot (20L gatcha play)

(SLurls provided for ALBERO locations, if applicable)
Brooch pics: hair by Miel (Sunday), skin by Rockberry, sweater by Pig (Ladies Like Flowers), tanks by Miel (Cali)
Hair Dangle pics: hair by Clawtooth by Clawtooth (Cheated Hearts) (Lola’s Big Date) (Blue Velvet)
Gatcha pics: skin by Rockberry, sweater by Pig (Ladies Like Flowers), Cami by Narwhal (I’m a GIRL!), belt by Reek, jeans by Sh*t Happens (Teal Fade), shoes by Atomic (Bunny Flop)

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