Spring is in the air at ALBERO Primavera & Art Fair!

Spring rain is one of my most favorite things, so it is perfect that we have the spring showers here at ALBERO for the ALBERO Primavera & Art Fair. I have been dying to use my umbrella from Stitch by Stitch. This umbrella has some really nice textures loaded into it, in which you can change with just a click of the mouse and looks great with the Melancholy Afternoon dress from Mocha. Also new out is three hairstyles from Bliensen & MaiTai; Fine Arts which is the one I have on in the photo below and a better photo of it below that. This is my favorite of the three because I love the paint brushes stuck all around. ūüėÄ

Next is called Heidi’s Birthday which has a braid around the head and bows around from one side to the other.

Last is called Pretty Messy, don’t you love the names she comes up with. Think it is self explanatory what the style is he he.

I Love Bliensen & MaiTai, I think they have great imaginations, creativity and talent. I am constantly impressed by the items created as well as the quality. If you have not yet been to B+M, when you go (and you should) make sure you look at the jewelry too, awesome stuff!

ALBERO Primavera & Art Fair


ALBERO Home & Garden

More newness for Albero & Cioccolata! A Home & Garden area! Devoted only to things for your Sl home needs, how great is that! Wait until you see the list of designers already set up to open on the 13th!

This Saturday, February 13th will be the grand opening of ALBERO Home & Garden.  This is a brand new mall right next to the cioccolata mall.  It will feature 23 stores offering home, garden and decor items Рthings like houses, skyboxes, trees, plants, lamps & art.  All hand-picked, high quality merchants with some of the best home & garden items available.

The shops include:

Artilleri Home
The Loft
True Love Never Die
Blah to Wah
Turnip’s Homes & Stuff
Penny Dreadful Arcade (yardsale)
Molto Bene!

…and more!

With home-ware and interior decorating becoming more and more popular in SL, this is sure to be a fun and successful next step for ALBERO & Cioccolata.¬† I hope you will come take a look at our new shopping destination.¬† I think you’ll like it. This area will have their own separate blog as well, so add the address to your feed!


Thank you,
The ALBERO & Cioccolata Team


ALSO Don’t forget the ALBERO winter sweethearts festival is still on until the 28th of Feb!

Stitch By Stitch at ALBERO Sweethearts Winter Festival

Stitch By Stitch has some fun items out for the Albero Sweethearts Winter Festival along with many of the top designers of Second Life. Come celebrate the magic of winter and love. Bring your sweetheart for a romantic walk around Albero and Cioccolata which holds a magic of its own. There is so much diversity in the stores so much for both women and men to enjoy. Here is a glance at what Sevenstar has out.

Taxi to the Albero Festival


Bliensen & MaiTai At The Albero Sweethearts Winter Festival

Bliensen + MaiTai has released some new cute pumps, exclusively for The Albero Sweethearts Winter Festival. Have a look at the Valentine Pumps which will be sold for 150L.

Taxi to the Sweethearts Winter Festival

New Fabulous stuff at Fab Pony

FAB.PONY “Diplo” Jersey Minidress


Tatiana has released a new dress called “Diplo” it comes in 22 colors, yes 22. It has an extended collar which is flexi and the skirt prim has a built in skirt sitter script (when you sit the prim flips up automatically!) You can purchase single or in packs of 4 for 3 or 5 for 4. Some pictures below show some of the combo packs available.

In the case you didn’t see it somewhere else because I did not get it posted on this blog here is the release before this one of the froo dress and the broken doll pose. How cute is this dress!

FAB PONY @ ALBERO http://slurl.com/secondlife/Chowla/19/89/76/


Kellie has been busy, busy, busy and now we see the product of her hard work. *drum roll please* I present you with the Tuli dress! A beautiful mini sweater dress with a extra big neck collar. This dress has so many possible looks it can take on, and change the whole look so easily. My favorite part of this dress, the primwork, I mean, WOW. You have to really look hard to see the lines from the prim skirt, that is a really nice plus. there are plenty of colors for you to choose from which I have tried to show you below.


Stitch By Stitch at the Albero Autmn Fair

There is a lot of new stuff over at Stitch by Stitch In ALBERO.  The Autumn Fair is now going and Sev used this as a perfect opportunity to bring out her new Autumn goodies!


This is the recently released Donna silk blouses and the¬† Deidra skirts. Great texture for the season and so many color mix and match possibilities I can see, I am posting my picture of matching colors (teal) and also Sev’s to show all the colors and some mixed up sets to see. Also the Elizabeth sweaters below can be worn over the blouse for added layer look and color opportunities.



deidre-ad-smallAlso released are these adorable owl outfits, the sweater is the Elizabeth sweater shown in brass in my photo below, and matched up with the Owly skirt in maroon. It comes in 6 colors which are also shown below as well as the omg so cute owly socks!





Ok and before I even got this one out Sev released Monica! take a look at this awesome outfit. Pencil style skirt with a blazer in the perfect fabric texture again for the season. I need to go get Monica today myself!


Two added colors already!


Limo to Stitch By Stitch@ALBERO

Other Credits

Skin – curio

Hair – Halhina

Hair – Lamb

Boots – Namia

Boots – Biddle boots

Tights Veshi