I am very proud to present this designer, and not because he is my boss :p. Because he is very talented, has amazing creativity and talent, a sense of humor that anyone will love. The inner workings of his brain scare me sometimes, but in a good way, like “how does he think up these things?” LOL! Dazai Voom is the owner of ALBERO and Cioccolata shopping malls and the owner of D-LAB, his personal store.

The first items I saw of Dazai’s were his plants, way before I worked for him and I bought them all, they are beautiful pieces of art and you should check them out if you haven’t yet. Today, though, I am here today to focus on his animals. The cutest lil guys evar. Who needs a pet dog when you can have a pet lamb, pig, mole or owl? Who wants a regular pet cat when you could have a flying cat? Don’t like flying cats? how about flying lambs? When pigs fly you say? Yup they do if you get the D-Lab flying pigs. Okay, still not what you were looking for, how about a duck or a few for the water at your place, they will waddle around looking so cute. You will want these cute pets when you see them, omg adorable. Each has different animation scripts which I will brief you on along with the photos. I took a few at my house where I have all of D-lab pets, always someone home waiting. *grins*


dlab-mole_004My pet moles are playful little guys always popping up til i try to pet them, then then dive back down into their hole. One is stuck tho, he isn’t moving soon. The baby lamb is a sweety, she can follow me wherever I go, and she tilts her head just a bit and it’s so cute. But she isn’t all sweet, she is a guard lamb, I can make her attack anyone within range. That, I do have to admit, is very funny.  You can also see some of Dazai’s plants around my yard. Below, is a couple pictures of my ducks that waddle around near the water, and my little hamster who nibbles away at cheese. Then there is Mr. Owl who sometimes sits on my shoulder, other times on his perch. When I click him he goes to sleep until I click him again.




Next we move on to the flying guys, you set their radius and height and they will fly around your set area. But make sure you turn off the poop or you will be cleaning it up one prim poop at a time. Also may want to turn them on if you like to hear them make sounds. Now when your friend says when pigs fly, you can get you flying pig out.






Tesa Jewell



  1. omg i love this stuff…
    need all for my sim 🙂

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